Siberian Shaman Ahamkara

Free Webinar Tomorrow 21:00  (Berlin time)

The way of SiberianShaman-Healer

using the practice of Altai shamanism 

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“4 Greatest Spirits of Altai Shamanism” PDF

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I will be glad to see you on my webinar.
On the webinar I will try to change your life and convey all the experience!


Webinar Key Points


Key Points

Altai as a Place of Power and local Shamanism Explication

Altai Shamans and the World of Spirits/ People

Disease Progression: Reasons, Process in the Mind, Manifestations on the Body

Healing Process Launch while communicating with Four Great Spirits

Comprehensive Training with the Altai Shaman and becoming a Healer


Webinar would be useful for you if …


Webinar would be 
useful for you if …

You are interested in the rituals of the Siberian Shamans

You want to be cured of a serious Illness that is beyond the official medicine capabilities

You are interested in Esoteric Knowledge inherited from Ancient Cultures

You want to become a Healer and treat people with Alternative Methods

You want to be trained by a real Altai Shaman and learn how to communicate with Spirits


Webinar Host



Altai Shaman, Ahamkara Shaman School Founder

More than 20 years engaged in Shamanism

Received knowledge from the indigenous people of Siberia, Hereditary Shamans

Head of the ZHIVO Healing Center located in the Siberian taiga forest

Over the past 15 years regularly conducts training in Europe

More than 600 people have been trained in the School of Shamanism

More than 2000 satisfied Clients of the Healing Center ZHIVO

Register for the webinar now and get as a gift PDF

“4 Greatest Spirits of Altai Shamanism”